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I'm reeaaaaaaaaaaaally dang late with submitting any sort of life-signs on this site, ain't I!?

A thousand pardons to everyone who's looked forward to my latest doodles every day for the last one-and-a-half year.
Believe me, I've made loads of  drawings. I've just been too busy doing other stuff (Keh, busy, I say :P), meaning I've wasted days and weeks on other activities.

My main culprit?


Ever since i found it, I've been hooked. Like with all good computer-entertainment, that's easy to understand, right?

It all started with getting Dust: an Elysian Tail (amazing game, by the way, Fidget is teh bomb!), then I fell for Team Fortress 2 (Gabe, you clever devil!), and then it spiraled out of control for me.

No seriously, I went nuts with TF2. Not as in me becoming a crazed gunman, of course (:icontf2sniperplz::iconsaysplz: "I'm not that much of a bloody inspiration, am I!?"). Oh, no, no, no.
It's something almost as bad. I started buying stuff for my inventory. Hats, jackets, pets, keys (lots of keys!) the WORKS. And I didn't know how much I spent, until I got a transaction summary from the bank.

Get this: Throughout 2014, I've spent almost 7000 DOLLARS on miscellaneous in-game accessories!!!
Yeah, you read it right. 7000 flipping U.S. Dollars worth of monetary assets, right into Valve's accounts, for virtual crapoley. Go me. :iconsarcasticplz:

As said before, I bought keys mostly, and then traded them to an online Steam friend of mine in exchange for things such as unusuals (even netted me a Saxton Hale mask:)), but i realize now of course i was a bit too generous, and not thinking about my own economy straight. I'm a wiser man now, after being burnt so harshly.
I can tell you, my parents were NOT amused.

(My cash had better paid off your golden ashtray, Mr. Newell! you're bloody welcome!! :iconrageplz:)
Razzafrazzing :iconcensoredplz: micro-transactions...

But anyway, Steam games have been taking up a lot of my life the last year-and-a-half, asides from real life too. (stuff has happened with work, family, a bit of travelling, that sorta stuff)
Of course, that didn't stop me from checking in now and then to see what my fellow and favorite artists have been up to either.
Problem is, with that much time between check-ups, I've let my Message box fill to the thousands with unchecked deviations, and for some reason, this made me get the funny idea to not post another new deviation myself until I had checked everything out of my inbox.

Well phooey on that thought!

Here on out, I'm gonna start posting stuff again, and I'm gonna make damn sure I don't stray from showcasing my stuff no more.
I am an ARTIST, dangit! We don't hold back the picturesque manifestations of our thoughts on the world around us to ourselves, we share them with each other.
It's what DeviantArt is meant for, right!? Call me a shoe if it isn't the case. :iconshoeplz:


Mikal Arnesen


An idiot who loves games, art and animation


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